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The pearls I use are cultured freshwater pearls from China where they are grown in rivers and ponds on pearl farms. They have come a long way since the rice crispie pearls of thirty years ago.

I like the different colours and shapes cultured freshwater pearls are available in so that is what I have here.
If your taste is for white, perfectly round pearls, I probably will not have what you're looking for, or at least not many.

Colours are natural unless the description says they are dyed. Most are natural, simply because I like the gorgeous undyed colours.

Photos are taken in my front porch in deep shade. I try to get the photos to look as close as possible to the way your pearls will look when you wear them. I think they look better in real life.

The clasps are either fine silver, sterling silver or gold filled (rolled gold), some purchased, most hand made. The hand made clasps have been very popular as they are nice and easy to do up and undo, which of course means we wear our lovely necklaces more often. For some odd reason after I needed reading glasses I had difficulty with fiddly clasps, even though I used to do them up by feel. Maybe its a patience thing.

Please feel free to ask questions using the contact link below. There are more photos on the More Photos page, I think the colours of the pearls are more accurate when lying on a paper towel or white cloth.

If you are not already familiar with navigating the site, the using the site page has information to help you
I really hope you are thrilled with your purchase.

PRICES: The price of each item is in Australian Dollars, but there is a drop down box (scroll down a little) so you can change prices to your local currency. More detailed information on the Using The Site Page; there is a link at the bottom of the page. Or click HERE.
If you haven't discovered the WISH LIST yet: there is a link at the bottom of the page. Or click HERE.


29th November 2015:
Iíve just added six pairs of earrings, they'll be on the first two pages of Earrings, with your settings on Unsorted. I'm a bit slow lately, I have a frozen shoulder which is only letting me get a few hours sleep at a time. Luckily it isn't painful to string. On the plus side it will get better.
Kind Regards

10th July 2012:
I've added several items to into Specials, retook some photos and marked a couple down further. If you have your settings on Unsorted, they will be at the front.

13th February 2010:
Lucas made me a page for photos of the bears I used to make (well,some, not all). Some of you might be interested, and it's good to have them somewhere safe. Link down the bottom In The Past, Or click HERE.

If you want a necklace of a set but not the earrings, email me and I can alter the item so it is no longer a set. If I list them seperately and the matching earrings sell, I cannot make another pair the same. If they happen to be in the Specials section, I'll reduce the price proportionately.
I hope you all have a lovely week!

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Creamy Freeform Baroque South Sea Pearls with White Rice Freshwater Necklace Creamy Freeform Baroque South Sea Pearls with White Rice Freshwater Necklace
Description: Eleven beautiful, silky, high lustre, cream freeform baroque South Sea pearls (a little light dimpling and one pinprick which I can only see in the photos) and small white tissue nucleated rice freshwater pearls divided by 3mm gold filled donut beads. Metal beads are 14/20 gold fill.
Strung on Powerpro and knotted.
Just under 20.75 inches end to end.

Grade: AA+++
Pearl Size: South Sea Pearls: 10.9mm down to 8.4mm diameter, Rice pearls: 6.9mm down to 6.2mm diameter at clasp.
Length: 20.75 inches (52.71cm)
Clasp: Handmade yellow gold filled hook and eye.
Price: 350.00 AUD + Postage
Item Number: 2635
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Large Pink Keshi Freshwater Pearl Necklace Large Pink Keshi Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Description: Similar idea to 1999, but keshi are smaller.
Good sized elongated keshi freshwater pearls that look coppery peach in artficial light and more pink in daylight.
Lustre is excellent, surfaces are satiny smooth. Lots of golden lights.
Rolled gold 2mm round beads between each keshi, strung on powerpro and knotted.
Strung on powerpro and knotted.

Grade: AAA
Pearl Size: 19mm x 10.9mm x 7.1mm down to 14.8mm x 10.2mm x 6.2mm at clasp.
Length: 18.5 inches (46.99cm)
Clasp: Handmade rolled gold hook and eye.
Price: 195.00 AUD + Postage
Item Number: 2047
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Oval Lavender Freshwater Pearls with Dark Tahitians Necklace Oval Lavender Freshwater Pearls with Dark Tahitians Necklace
Description: Natural lavender colour oval freshwater pearls with smooth surfaces and excellent lustre, strung with seven dark drop shaped tahitians evenly around the necklace. Some have circles, some have pretty colourful banding. Some have both. Very nice lustre.
Grade: AAA
Pearl Size: Lavender Ovals: 8.7mm x 8mm down to 7.8mm x 7.1mm at the clasp. Tahitians: 11.2mm x 15.2, centre front, then 10.8mm x 14.8mm, 10.8mm x 12.8mm, 10.2mm x 13.8mm.
Length: 19.75 inches (50.17cm)
Clasp: Handmade rolled yellow gold hook and eye.
Price: 380.00 AUD + Postage
Item Number: 2447
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